Innate love for food - immensely encouraged through her globe-trotting over the years, has enabled Ananya to learn world cuisine from first-hand experience.

A food-stylist, a cook, an acclaimed painter and a lawyer by educational qualification - Ananya is a multi-faceted personality.

It is said that joy shared is joy doubled. It equally applies to cookery. Having tasted, observed and learned the tricks of food across the world, Ananya have been regularly writing for various magazines. Her recipes frequently appear in popular magazines like Woman’s Era, New Woman and Savvy Cook-Book.

Cook-Books written by Ananya and published by Meri-Shaheli, have sold in thousands all over India, in vernacular language.

Her culinary skills have received just acclaim on television, by participating in the popular fusion cooking show ‘Foodie’.She has cooked for online magazines like Geobits.

Food is the greatest connect to people. It transients all geographical boundaries of languages, caste and creed. Ananya truly believes in this dictum while promoting global cuisine.

She has conducted cooking classes for Germans, Italians, Spanish, Mexicans and Koreans; as well as regular workshops at the American and Japanese Women's Clubs in Germany, Holland and Austria.

Ananya has kept aggrandizing her own culinary knowledge by participating in master-classes at reputed international locations including Germany, Switzerland and France.

Ananya is a foodie, a food-stylist, a cookery-consultant, and above all an expert food advisor.
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