Thursday, July 14 2016

Canada travel diaries

Canada travel diaries (My food rendezvous at Canada )

My visit to Canada just had one focus this time: FOOD !

Visited Toronto for the weekend and had to pack in as many recommended must-eats as possible.

Started the trip with Miga at Mississauga, a Korean/ Japanese Restaurant suggested by a Foodie and food-writer friend Ash Basu. Tried the 'pork bibimbap'. I was expecting a big bowl of rice with assorted meat, veggies and fried egg topping - all together. But what we were served was a deconstructed version where every time was served separately. Pork in 'gochujang paste' (a traditional Korean spice paste) was served on a bed of rice in a Dolsot, a stoneware bowl which retains heat for a very long time, which makes the rice from the bottom crunchy and crispy - a Korean delicacy.pork-bibimbap.JPG

Next morning headed to the The Saint Lawrence Market. One of the best Farmers market in the world. Filled with local produce, specially food, exotic fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood , condiments.


It is literally a food lover 's delight and one of my bucket list was ticked. While going around the fresh market, I felt like Alice in Wonderland ! The freshest of fresh produce, variety of meat, fish, shellfish, oyster, grains breads bakery confectionery and several speciality foods from around the world.


Then tried the famous 'pea-meal sandwich'. Recommended by none other than chef Anthony Bourdain. That was an experience. Early morning , people queued up for that sandwich. The shop was nothing more than a stall selling peameal sandwich on one side and had bread assortment on the other side. I also happily stood there for my turn. When I had the beauty in my hand and took a bite, I understood why it is so famous. Sometimes simple unpretentious food works the best. No fancy garnish, no exotic ingredients. Thick cut bacon almost 2 inch thick, cheese and fresh bread. That makes a peameal sandwich. Scrumptious!

Next stop was Kensington Market. That place is famous for a smorgasbord of cuisine culture. Restaurants serving cuisines from around the world - a delectable place for any foody.

Tried a restaurant 'Rasta Pasta'. Highly recommended place for Jamaican 'jerk chicken'. I tiny little hole in the wall, but somehow the chicken tasted like a Chinese dish to me. Overloaded with soy and barbecue sauce. Missed the jerk seasoning and rub flavours what I was expecting.


Next food stop was 'Chicken & Waffles'. I always thought it that was a southern delicacy. However this Canadian restaurant called it the northern fried. This mixing of sweet with savoury is not unknown to Indians. Gujaratis have Jalebis with Fafdas. Similarly Canadians and Americans have pancakes and waffles with fried chicken, honey and maple syrup. Great light and crispy waffles with crunchy chicken - a super combo.


Next turn was to try 'tacos'. Had heard a lot about the famous Seven Lives Tacos. They open at 12 in the afternoon. There was queue from 11.30 am outside that tiny restaurant. A take away joint with one small sitting space. The most popular was the 'baja fish tacos'. It consisted of soft tacos, batter fried fish, salsa and mayonnaise. Also tried the 'ceviche tacos' and 'grilled fish tacos'. My first experience of 'ceviche' on a crisp taco.

tacos.JPG tacos2.JPG

After this food adventure, when I really had no place for any more food, spotted a Spanish place selling 'churros'. That was too much of a temptation to resist. Had a portion of hot churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce.

Next morning headed to downtown Toronto.

Tried out various food trucks. There were several international food options. But the Venezuelan experience was fabulous.


Tried out 'Arepas' for the first time. Arepas are cornmeal bread stuffed with different flavours and fillings. I opted for a pulled pork and cheddar arepa. Looks almost like a bao bun. Soft, melt in the mouth texture, with fragrant slow cooked pork and cheddar cheese -  was simply divine.


Walked upto the chef of the food truck to have a little chat. He mentioned that the most popular in Venezuela is the chicken and avocado salad arepa.

A delightful food trek in Canada over a week end. The country is truly cosmopolitan and melting pot for global cuisine. It is surely a foody's dreamland.

Try Canada sometime for your food adventures - I assure you will not let down.

Monday, July 4 2016

Wild Burgers Cafe - Canada Diaries


The exotic burgers that changed my notions on "eating burgers"!!!

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Monday, January 18 2016

A little dose of art

Admiring my creation in my studio.  The TAJ painting I exhibited after 9/11 at Art & Soul Gallery

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The magical day !!!


As a painter I would want to drown myself in all the colors when I couldn't find my way out .....Somewhere I had the same overwhelming feeling while writing #PlanetGastronomy I did not know where I was heading.Hundreds of sheets of recipes would surround me and I would hope that someday this will  […]

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Restaurant Review - ‘Oh Calcutta’


Review of ‘Oh Calcutta’The theory that an eating joint frequented by the locals, are the must visit places if you want to eat good food. For example, if a Chinese restaurant is frequented by Chinese people then that is the place visit for a good Chinese meal.I was wondering about this theory when I  […]

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Sunday, January 17 2016

The inspiring Illish

27th MayMy rendezvous with food started with " ilish Mach bhaja " for lunch at the City of joy, enjoying the queen of fish.

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December 27th 2015

December 27th 2015Great to be featured DNA! Thank you Antoine Lewis for this awesome write up ! Ethiopian an Oriya thali gets its due mention. December 19th 2015 middayAnnouncing the launch of my website All the goodies prepared by me from my kitchen will be available from this  […]

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Sunday, May 17 2015

elo jhelo

elo jhello

Makar shankranti is associated with pithe puli in Bengali household. The usage of khejur gur (date jaggery) rice flour, milk and coconut in making of some delicious sweets. The popular ones are patisapta, puli pithe , soru chakli, Doodh puli gokulpithe , ranga alur pithe,I was given a challenge to  […]

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Sunday, April 26 2015

Restaurant Review - Bombay Canteen

Bombay Canteen

Restaurant Review - Bombay CanteenI was planning to try out this new eatery for quite some time but due to various reasons could not end up visiting it. Tried reserving a table on phone but was not lucky. I was told they are sold out but I could walk in and try my luck. Trying luck is not out of  […]

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Thursday, April 16 2015

Steamed Buns my way

Steamed Buns

Steamed Buns Steamed buns are one of my favorite comfort food. It is totally satisfying when you need some carb kick. One can really play around or be creative with the filling once you know the art of making the buns. I find the ones available in Chinese restaurants are too sweet as they use a  […]

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Monday, April 6 2015

Lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves infused Bhapa Doi


Bhapa Doi or Steamed yogurt is an extremely popular Bengali dessert to put a sweet ending to a satisfying meal. Although it may sound exotic, but it is incredibly simple to make. Different flavoring can be used to make Bhapa Doi, even no added flavor tastes divine.  My take on the classic  […]

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3 Minute Dhokla

3 Minutes Dhokla

This is the easiest and fastest dhokla one can create. It comes perfect every time. Ideal for unexpected guests ready in a jiffy. Just a few ingredients. Microwave dhokla1 cup besan1/2 cup yogurt1/4 cup water1 tsp sugarSalt to tastetbs oil1 pinch hing1tbs eno fruit saltMix besan with yogurt ,salt ,  […]

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Sunday, March 29 2015

Macaroon Miracle -Sarah's patisserie

Sarah Patisserie

Sarah's Patisserie is tucked in a corner of a picturesque location in Ithaca, upstate New York. This French Patisserie I was told, makes the best hot chocolate in town. Hot chocolate made with real chocolate shavings served with a dollop of whipped cream is a perfect beverage to lift and warm up the  […]

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Bauk Fhul Bhaja

Bauk Phool Bhaja

Bauk Phool bhaja In Bengali cuisine, nothing is wasted. We eat the leaves, stems, barks, seeds. Peels and even flowers of a plant. Like Italian Zucchini flower fritters, Bengalis use a lot of flowers to make bhaja (fritters). Have grown up eating Kumrophool ( pumpkin flower) bhaja , Bauk Phool  […]

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Guilt Free Dahivadas


Dahivadas guilt freeI am extremely fond of dahi vallas. Always thought ,if I could make them guilt free would have gorged on few more each time. Tried them using paniyaran or appa pan to create these dahivadas. These are not deep fried and truly high on taste minus the calories. Ingredients :1 cup  […]

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Romancing the snow

I don't know what snow reminds you of ! Heard people get romantic in the snow and our Hindi movies surely are good example of that ! Off course people go for skiing, tubing ,ice skating. Make snowman, White Christmas!!! but you know what snow reminds me of?Snow reminds me of royal icing , snow  […]

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Gravlax or cured salmon


Cured salmon – popularly known as 'gravlax'– is a very simple process. The curing process dehydrates the fish, removes all the liquid and kills any bacteria that may spoil the fish .Ingredients :500-700 gms fresh plump pink salmonPrepare curing mixture with1 cup kosher salt1/2 cup sugar1/2 cup  […]

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Monday, February 23 2015

The great American breakfast


The great American breakfast:Pancakes;Waffles;Fried chicken;Biscuits (mind you these are not the biscuits what we eat with our tea but more like buttermilk scones - tastes divine with melted butter - true home style comfort food);Grits;Dumplings andSausages.Having lived in Europe for several years I  […]

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Vietnamese Food

The shrimp pho , crystal dumplings

Vietnamese cuisine is claimed to be the healthiest cuisine in the world. The minimal or no use of oil, plenty of aromats, flavourful fresh ingredients Quick, or no cooking are the key manta of this cuisine. Meat is used more as a condiment than as a large portion and plenty of veggies form the main  […]

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Tuesday, February 3 2015

Ethiopian food is one of my favorite


Ethiopian food is one of my favorite. It surely resembles Indian food. Heavy usage of spices in their wots ( stews ) and tibs ( curry) brings familiarity  to our palettes. Yet the usage of teff flour in their staple injera bread is very unique. Injera bread is soft and spongy perfect to mop up the  […]

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