Bauk Fhul Bhaja

Bauk Phool bhaja

In Bengali cuisine, nothing is wasted. We eat the leaves, stems, barks, seeds. Peels and even flowers of a plant.

Bauk Phool Bhaja

Like Italian Zucchini flower fritters, Bengalis use a lot of flowers to make bhaja (fritters). Have grown up eating Kumrophool ( pumpkin flower) bhaja , Bauk Phool bhaja. Sojne Phool (drumstick flower) and mocha ( banana flower) to name a few. Although many of these flowers are seasonal and have to wait for the right time of the year to obtain them.

Got this bunch of baukphool in the local fresh market. They were as pretty and fresh to be used as house decor. But turned them into a plate of bhaja. Perfect with your cuppa. I have used regular besan pakora batter. Rice flour can also be used to make the texture crunchy.

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