Bengali lunch / dinner – An Illustrative Option

Bengalis have multi-course meals. It is elaborate and served one after another. The meals could be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Options are plenty. Given below is just one illustrative option. The meals can be structured with many other items in combination with the ones mentioned below. Each meal can be a unique experience to relish.

Morola macher kurkure bhaja, (crispy fried anchovy) with kashundi (mustard relish), jhalmudi & alurchop (veg)

Mock tail:
Gondhoraj lebur ghol (gondhoraj lime infused buttermilk)

• Shukto (mixed veggies in bittersweet base)
• Bhaja muger daal (lentil)
• Begun bhaja and Jhuri alu bhaja
• Muri ghonto (fish head cooked with lentils and rice) or seem paturi (steamed sem in banana leaves) (veg)
• Jinge posto (veg) or chingri posto
• Pabda macher jhol or mochar ghonto (veg)
• Dhak banglo chicken or Panch meshali chochori (veg)
• Aamsotto khejur chutney and papad bhaja

• Kodaisutur kochuri (pea stuffed flatbread) and puchkawalar alur-dom (potato curry,inspired from roadside vendor)
• Ghoogni(pea-stew) (veg) or mangshor ghoogni (pea stew with meat)
• Fhoolkopir roast (cauliflower roast)
• Gondhoraj lebu infused Fish fry (fried fish) or mochar chop with homemade Aam kashundi (banana blossom fritters with mango mustard relish)
• Golbarir kosha mangsho (mutton preparation inspired from old Kolkata) or dhokar dalna (lentil cake curry)(veg)
• Peper plastic chutney and papad

Sweet Dish:
• Patisapta
• Nolen gurer payesh

OTHER ITEMS NOT USUALLY SERVED IN RESTAURANTS Bengali meals are a multi-course experiences. The above was an illustrative option.
Meals can also be structured with other tasty and mouth-watering dishes.

The items could include:

• mangshor khichuri: kichri with mutton
• shile bata chicken: chicken traditionally ground in mortar & pestle
• Kochupata diye chingri bhape: prawns steamed in taro leaves
• Koi macher horo gouri: perch in two different sauce
• Shol mulo: murrel with radish
• Ilish macher tok : hilsa in sweet sour sauce
• Radhabollovi, niramish alur dom: (lentil stuffed fried flatbread with potatoes)
• chingrir kobiraji cutlet - Bengali style Prawn fillet
• cutlet, chingrir bora - Prawn Fritters,
• mangshor singara - Bengali Samosa with mutton filling
• fhoolkopir singara - Bengali Samosa, dimer devil - Bengali styled deviled eggs
• macher dimer boda - Fish egg fritters
• Daler boda - Lentil Fritters
• Postor boda - Poppy seed firtters,
• mochar paturi - Steamed Banana blossom flower
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