ORIYA Food - a beautiful but under-rated cuisine straight from the land of Lord Jagannath.

Not usually served in restaurants. Very rustic, satisfying, delicious and down to earth food. Influence of other neighbouring States especially Bengal, lead to include items like fish in Oriya cuisine. However the Temple food remains to be deliciously vegetarian.

First Course:
Pokhal Bhat (fermented rice usually served with accompaniments) Accompaniments include: machha chuttuni (fish relish), chingudi bata (spicy paste made with fried prawns), bori chuda (fried lentil dumplings), aloo bhaja (spicy fried potatoes), saak bhaja (sauted greens),

Main Course:
Rice with
(a) Santula ( mixed veggies slow cooked in their own juices)
(b) Dalma ( lentils cooked with colocasea and raw bananas)
(c) Dahi begun (eggplants in yogurt sauce)
(d) Ghanto (vegetables cooked with soaked black beans)
(e) Machha soriso tarkari (mustard fish-curry)
(f) Chicken batibasa (slow cooked chicken cooked in earthen pot)

Mitha or Desserts:
(i) Chana poda (baked chenna or cottage cheese)
(ii) Khaja (sugar coated crispy fried dough)
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